Maintain High Confidence and Improve Your Success in Soccer


Do you believe in your ability to perform successfully during soccer games? Can you keep a high level of confidence even after mistakes? Lots of things can hurt your confidence in soccer, such as mistakes, losses, not being selected for a team, lack of playing time, what coaches and teammates say, playing against high level opponents, etc. Yes, confidence can be fragile for soccer players. Without stable confidence, … [Read more...]

How To Compete With Ultimate Confidence In Soccer


For soccer players, investing in your confidence pays huge dividends on the field. Confident soccer players consistently perform better in a wide range of situations: playing against top opponents playing against aggressive players playing during critical moments of important games, and effectively rebounding from bad plays or calls. The opposite of confidence is doubt and fear (fear of failing, fear of … [Read more...]

Can You Improve Soccer Confidence Without More Training?


Many athletes and coaches think training more or harder is the route to greater confidence... More training or improved practice can lead to more confidence, but this may not be the only way to improve it. Can You Improve Your Confidence Without More Training? The good news is that you can improve your confidence without more practice or training harder. Improving your mental game can lead to greater confidence … [Read more...]

Soccer Teams Excel With Mental Training

Sports Psychology for Soccer Podcast

Welcome to episode 7 of Soccer Psychology Insights. In this episode Jaki Hitzelberger, MA interviews Dr. Alberto Gamarra, sports psychology expert from South Florida. Dr. Gamarra is the owner and founder of Mental Mastery and works with athletes to improve their mental game and performance. Jaki Hitzelberger and Dr. Gamarra discuss how a mental trainer or sports psychologist can help soccer teams and players improve … [Read more...]

Are YOU Mentally Prepared for Soccer Games?

Mental Preparation for Soccer Players - Soccer Psychology

Do you or your soccer players wait until after the first few plays of the game to feel confident? If you don’t have a great warm up, does this affect your mindset for the game? Do you have doubts or worry about making mistakes and play safe or tentatively? We’re sure you have a physical pregame routine, but do you use this time as a mental warm up too? Shooting on goal, hitting long balls, playing possession, and … [Read more...]

Soccer Goal Setting – Achieve Big Dreams

Soccer Goal Setting - Mental Training

Setting goals are an important part of improving your skills in soccer. It is common that soccer players are great at coming up with long-term goals, though struggle with setting short term goals and creating an action plan. Soccer players we work with at Peak Performance sports initially come in with goals such as “become a starter”, “win State Cup”, “win a National Championship”, or “play professionally.” We are … [Read more...]

The Mental Game of Soccer and Comfort Zones

Soccer Confidence - Soccer Psychology

Many soccer players and soccer teams we work with hold themselves back with a comfort zone. What is a comfort zone in soccer? A comfort zone is a mental barrier that is based on what you (or your team) thinks you are capable of achieving or what you expect to achieve. Comfort zones become a problem whenever a soccer player or team is playing better than expected or is in uncharted territory when competing. Comfort … [Read more...]