Soccer Players Who Perform in Practice but Lose Confidence in Games

Do you play great in practice but tense up, lose confidence, and make easy mistakes in games? Do you take players on in practice but play it safe in competition? Do you trust your skills in training but second-guess your decisions come game-time? Are you frustrated because you know you have the skill but are being held back lack of confidence in soccer? This soccer player, Jason, says "When I perform in drills, I am … [Read more...]

Soccer Goal Setting – Achieve Big Dreams

Setting goals are an important part of improving your skills in soccer. It is common that soccer players are great at coming up with long-term goals, though struggle with setting short term goals and creating an action plan. Soccer players we work with at Peak Performance sports initially come in with goals such as “become a starter”, “win State Cup”, “win a National Championship”, or “play professionally.” We are … [Read more...]

The Mental Game of Soccer and Comfort Zones

Many soccer players and soccer teams we work with hold themselves back with a comfort zone. What is a comfort zone in soccer? A comfort zone is a mental barrier that is based on what you (or your team) thinks you are capable of achieving or what you expect to achieve. Comfort zones become a problem whenever a soccer player or team is playing better than expected or is in uncharted territory when competing. Comfort … [Read more...]

Abby Wambach on How to Stay Motivated in Soccer

At we get a ton of questions from coaches and parents on how to motivate their soccer players. Motivation is a tricky concept and not easy to teach, though everyone would agree on its importance. Motivation is an intangible factor that can be seen with any high-level soccer player. Motivation is the drive and desire to strive for a goal and improve on a daily basis. It is making a commitment … [Read more...]

How to Overcome a Slump: Mental Game of Soccer

All competitive soccer players have experienced a slump in their career at one point. In a slump, you can’t get into the flow of the game and nothing is clicking. While there might be many physical explanations for this, it’s likely that your slumping performance is due to a poor mental game. We want our soccer athletes to learn how to stay focused and energized even when slumping or when not playing up to their … [Read more...]

Stable Self-Confidence for Soccer Players

Soccer at any level is a game of confidence. When you have it, you’re unstoppable. When confidence sinks, you don't perform up to your capabilities. But confidence for many soccer players is too fragile or fleeting in our opinion. Too many soccer players allow their confidence to go up or down rapidly based upon immediate results and circumstances during competition. These soccer players have an unstable level of … [Read more...]

Coaches: Help Your Soccer Players Deal with Setbacks

Bad passes, missed shots, and lost goal scoring opportunities in soccer are very frustrating for coaches and soccer players. Emotions can run high after mistakes, particularly in competitive, high-level soccer games. As a coach, how you react after a mistake, such as with disappointment, can cause players to be more careful or tentative in the future or just get upset. From our perspective, you first need to be in control … [Read more...]